Rent vs. Own - Which is Best?


This simple mortgage payment calculator will show you the payment, plus property taxes,
insurance and PMI (private mortgage insurance). Many mortgage loans today include these
items in the total monthly payment.

Rent Info:

Purchase Info:

Other Info:

Selling Info:

Monthly Payments
Property Taxes $
Fire Insurance $
Mortgage Insurance $
Other Monthly Fees $
Compare monthly payments
If renting, the gain/loss on your invested
down payment
Selling price of home $
Now subtract your loan balance $
This is your equity from appreciation
principal reduction
Minus selling cost (real estate commissions,
closing, etc)
Minus down payment purchase closing costs $
Plus tax advantages of owning $
Total gained (or lost) from Owning $
Direct Out-of-Pocket Paid to Rent vs.Own
You will save by Renting rather than Owning